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Dedicated to Cpl Jamie Kirkpatrick (32) 101 Engineer Regiment who was shot in Afghanistan on 27/6/2010. Also dedicated to Stephen Gilbert, Csgt Martyn Horton, Kcpl David Ramsden, Douglas Halliday, Alex Isaac, Sgt Steven Darbyshire RM, Lcpl Michael Taylor RM, Mne Paul Warren, Mne Richard Hollington, Ashley Smith, Ponipate Tagitaginimoce, Cpl Taniela Rogoiruwai, Mne Steven Birdsall, Lcpl Andrew Breeze, Jonathan Monk, Mark Chandler, Alan Cochran, Cpl Terry Webster, Mne Anthony Hotine who died in the same month.

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For Time:

1000m Row
30 Pull Ups
30 Thrusters 40/30kg
1000m Run